Dear John..

Hi, I'm still ill ):
Just watched Dear John, wich is a beautiful, but very sad movie.
I've to admit, I did cry during the film, hihi.
The film is about John, who's a soldier, that falls in love with Savannah.
When John has to leave for the army, they start to write each other letters.
John's away for a long time and in that time there happen a lot of things.
I'm not going to tell anymore, if you want to know the just watch it (:
 See you later,


And I was like..

Hi, I found an amazing cover of baby.
It's from Eliza Doolittle, an english singer.
I love it!
Wich version do you prefer, Justin's or Eliza's?
( btw. there's a bit of replay in it )

Spring in my head

Hello! Today's a really boring day.
I have to make a history task about Holland in 1795
and except for that; the weather is also really boring.
There's no rain, but neither is there any sunshine.
But still, spring has already began in my head,
so here a happy spring-outfit (;
You like?
 (cardigan & rose - h&m / shirt - hema / jeans - g-star / shoes - primark) 
Lots of love,


Rock 'nd roll meets schoolgirl

Hi! I'm sick today ):
I hate to be sick, because I can't like anything on those days.
But even though I don't feel good, I wanted to post a new outfit.
I consider my look as rock 'nd roll meets schoolgirl (;

(jacket & blouse - h&m / skirt - vintage / tights - my mom / shoes - invito / sunglasses - i forgot / ring - new look)



Hi! Today I baked a brownie (:
I looove brownies and everything else with choclate.
How about you, what's your favorite snack?


 And btw. I'm not really getting used to my new haircut,
every time I go with my fingers trough my hair it doesn't feel like mine.
But still I'm really happy with my hair, 
and it will grow right?



Hi! As I told, yesterday evening I went to a hairdresser.
And here's my new hair!
Old                                                             New  

I love it, it's something totaly new, less boring (;
What do you think?
It's really short compared with before, isn't it?



Hi! Tonight I'm going to a hairdresser. 
My hair is going to be a lot shorter tomorrow,
I think my hair is really boring, it's just hanging around my face.
So that's why I'm cutting it, uhm, that's why the hairdresser is cutting it (:
What do you think, do you like these hairstyles?

 I'll post my 'new' hair tomorow.


New sweater.

Hi, yesterday I went to Rotterdam.
For the Willem de Kooning Academie, wich was really fun.
I think I'm going to study Lifestyle and Design.
That's a styling sort of study (:
But I also went shopping and everywhere was sale!
In River Island I found a nice sweater, you see it here.
( jacket - h&m / sweater - river island / bag & boots - invito / jeans - bershka )
Yesterday a friend of mine turned sixteen,
and her parent organised a secret sweet sixteen
It was so much fun, I danced all night and ate a lot of m&m's (;
With some other friends and me also did a little performance.
We sang Do Re Mi from the sound of music, because that's her favorite song.
Pictures are coming soon. 
 What have you done when you turned sixteen or what do you want to do?

What's my name?

Hi, since Rihanna coloured her hair red I love all her outfits.
Eventhough red is a difficult hair colour, I think she always looks stunning in her colourfull outfits.
What I also really like about Rihanna it that when a new cd comes out she changes her whole look.
With Rated R she wore dark, angular clothes and now with Loud she's wearing lots of colours.
Her are some of her most recent outfits, wich do you like the most?
And here some of her stage outfits, I think there just ugly.. 



Pop of colour

Hi, this is what I wore yesterday.
And I can tell you, a lot of people looked at me
Because the colours really popped out,
Most of the boys and girls at my school wear only black and grey.
But yesterday morning I felt happy, so I chose happy colours.

 ( blouse and skirt - h&m / tights - pieces / shoes - invito ) 
And thank you for all your sweet comments!


Hello new shoes.

Hi, today I went shopping with some 3 friends.
And I found some really sweet brogues,
for only 15 euros!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Willem de Kooning Academie,
that's an art academie  in Rotterdam.
I'd love to become one of their students,
but there are only a few people who really do.
That's because you have to really good to be selected. 
So I'm hoping I am.. 



Born to create drama.

Hi, do you know teacher who make their selfs look really stupid?
Well I do, today three of my teacher said something what came out a little bit different than expected.
Haha, that makes school fun (;
btw. I found a really funny clip on youtube, I had to show you.
See you later.



It's raining, men

Hi, today it rained extremly hard in Holland.
I woke up this morning because of the sound.
But I have to say I rather see rain then snow,
because then I can't drive to school on my bike.
I slip and fall, just like two years ago when I fell three times in a row
Because of that I'm still scared to ride on ice and snow covered roads.
I prefer summer, and you?
What's your favorite season?
04 - 12 - 2010; when there was snow
( jacket, blouse and skirt - h&m / vest - somewhere in france / scarf - from my mom /  ring - bijou brigitte / thights and leggings - hema / shoes - invito / 'handthings' - homemade )



My heart is dancing like a hip hop beat.

Hi, I'm a big fan of Pixie Lott.
I love her outfits and off cours her music.
That's why this post is about Pixie,
wich outfit is you favorite?




today isn't a lazy sunday for me,
I have to learn for my schoolexame tomorrow.
I'll to be honest, I'm not so good in learning,
Most of the 'learning time' I'm doing other things.
Like writing on this blog, 
Am I the only one with this problem, or do you feel the same?
Please tell me,
Btw. here's my first outfit post, hope you like (:

shirt & belt - h&m / legging - coolcat / shoes - invito / jewelry - gifts



I love music
I spend a lot of my time on iTunes and Youtube to find the newest songs and albums.
Here are my favorite songs, some are new and some are really old. 


First Post

This is my first post and I'm really excited about it.
I've been waiting for a long time, but now I finaly started my own blog.
I hope you enjoy!

Today I'm done with winter, I wish it became spring..
So that's why I wanted to post some lovely, colourfull pictures
I hope they make you happy (:

(pictures from weheartit.com) 

Tomorrow an outfit-post