Simple updo

Yesterday I found this hair tutorial and when I tried it today, I found out it's really easy.
And I like how it looks, except for all the baby hairs sticking out.
It did stay up for quite some time, but after a while it started falling down.
But that's where hair spray is for right!
Are you going to try it?


Monday morning.

h&m jacket and ring / vintage dress, belt and necklace / alysa mode shoes
The clock turned one hour forward Saturday night and now I'm so tired.
This morning I didn't hear my alarm clock, but luckily my mom woke me up so I wasn't late at school.
Well now I'm going to learn my favorite school subject, management and organization.
Have a nice day!



(h&m blouse and hair clip / zara skirt / zeeman over knee socks / alysa mode shoes / new look ring)
Here are the results of the photo shoot! (:
My friends really made a lot of pictures, especially from little details.
Leonie made these pictures and she really likes details.
Tomorrow there will be some another pictures made by Eva.
See you later!


Sneak peek..

I'm sorry, sorry, sorry for the lack of updates lately.
But my school grades aren't really good and I have to work hard to pass this year, so I studied a lot this week for all the exams we had this week.
But today me and my friends Eva and Leonie set up a little photo shoot.
I was the model and they would play photographer and stylist.
We had a lot fun, here is a little sneak peek and I'll show you the results tomorrow! (:


On the wall

Hi, at school we got the task to paint the wall.
And it to be related to music or culture, since those subjects are given in this class room.
Me and my friend Fleur decided to paint Micheal Jackson on the wall.
After he died last I rediscovered his music and to be honest I've become a fan.
I especially love his album Off the Wall, the songs on that album are just so happy.
Even though his life wasn't happy at all.
But on Youtube there's now a new song Hollywood Tonight, but I just don't get how he can make a new song while he's dead..
But anyway, what do you think of our painting?
I'll show you the whole wall again when everything is finished (:

Bonjour, ca va?

 (cardigan and skirt from h&m / shirt - only)
Bonjour, ca va?
Je suis en cuir du français, mais je déteste ):
Last year I liked French and my grades were really good.
But this year I only get more and more frustrated by this language..
Well I'm going to study now, looking forward to it!
See you later (:


I just came to say hello.

(shirt and flats - h&m / dress - only / tights - pieces)
Hi, today was a sunny day (:
I could wear my summer coat for the very first time!
I hope the weather stays like this or gets better of course.
Tonight Glee will be on the television again
And I love Glee, so I'm really looking forward to it, hihi.
I wish I could sing like Rachel, she is so good!
Well, that's it for today, see you later (:


You never know..

I'm in love with the spring collection of Zara!
I wish I won the lottery, so I could buy everything.
That will probably never happen, but you never know..


Black & red

 (jacket and skirt - h&m / shirt - zara / hair band - ? / necklace - vintage)
Hi, this is going to be a really short post, because I have to learn history ):
What do you think about the hair band I'm wearing, it's cute right?



(blouse and dress - h&m / tights - ? / shoes - converse / necklace -  vintage)
Today I had a really important presentation for history, I was sooo nervous.
Seriously, my hands were shaking..
But eventually it went quite well, but I did talk really fast.
Tomorrow I´ll get my grade, I hope it´s good (:
And I'm so happy that the sunshine is coming trough the clouds!
Spring is really close now.
With love,


School and sunshine

Hi, finally; it's FRIDAY!!
Yeah! And to make it even better it's really starting to become spring (:
Today during the last two hours at school I had gymnastic, which was really really boring.
But when we were done,  I didn't think it was useful to put my regular clothes on (because I would go straight under shower when I came home)
Turns out that the combination of the sweat pants with my heels was amazing, don't you think?
Hihi, no I'm kidding. I just had fun with my friends and we decided to do a outfit post in front of school. 
There were some people who drove by and there are two of them on the picture below.
It look like they're going to fall of the scooter right?! 
Anyway on the pictures you see me with my lovely friend Leonie (click!) 

See you later,


The show goes on

Hi, I just found this amazing song on youtube.
It's from Lupe Fiasco, his first album is coming out 8 march.
 So one week to go from now, I can't wait!
What do you think about his song?
With love,


Black blazer

(blazer, shirt and belt - h&m /  jeans - bershka / necklace - the hospital / bracelets - gifts) 
Hi, today hasn't been a normal school day. Because instead of learning, we did little cultural courses.
Me and my friend started with acting and after that we had singing and drum lessons.
I really liked it, I wish I had days like these every week (:
But what I liked most was the singing, because I love to sing, I really do.
Not that my voice is amazingly beautiful, but it makes me feel happy.
And that's me and two friends of mine are going to take real singing lessons, I'm so excited!
But enough about singing, this was my outfit today.
I really love the blazer, especially the shoulders.
See you soon!
Lots of love,