School and sunshine

Hi, finally; it's FRIDAY!!
Yeah! And to make it even better it's really starting to become spring (:
Today during the last two hours at school I had gymnastic, which was really really boring.
But when we were done,  I didn't think it was useful to put my regular clothes on (because I would go straight under shower when I came home)
Turns out that the combination of the sweat pants with my heels was amazing, don't you think?
Hihi, no I'm kidding. I just had fun with my friends and we decided to do a outfit post in front of school. 
There were some people who drove by and there are two of them on the picture below.
It look like they're going to fall of the scooter right?! 
Anyway on the pictures you see me with my lovely friend Leonie (click!) 

See you later,

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  1. haha, i like it! vooral die laatste foto, die maakt je berichtje echt af! (; het was gezellig!
    xoxo lots of love!


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