My Finds

Here are things I found in the thrift store yesterday. I went with my mom, her friend and my friend Eva. Me and Eva were supposed to find some pink clothes and clothes with glitters, because we going to perform a song very soon. We're in a pop choir and were going to sing Candyman (needs pink outfits) and Pokerface (needs glitters). But we couldn't find a nice pink / glitter thing, but I have do have some pink and glitter clothes so it will be all right. I did by a blue knitted jumper, a striped blouse and a blazer. And also some accessories, a beautiful bracelet and a brown bag. I also bought some old fashion magazines and two gifts for Sinterklaas. I'll show you soon how these things look when I'm wearing them. So stay tuned (: 
Lots of love,


Pretty Please?

sweaters from http://sexy-sweaters.com/
I'm in love with these sweaters! Aren't they amazing? I think they're very very cute (: I don't know if I can buy them somewhere, but I hope do. I can't find anything about it on their site, so I don't think they're for sale. Today I went to the thrift store and bought a couple of lovely things. But it was already dark when I came home, so I couldn't take a proper picture. So I'll show it tomorrow! 
Bye bye!


Big Chunky Jumper

scarf; Hema / jumper; my dad / jeans; Bershka / boots; Invito / bracelet; gifted
pictures made by Eva
In these pictures I'm wearing my dad's jumper, I love this jumper. I really like the print and it's very warm. Unfortunately my dad doesn't want me to wear his clothes, so I'm going to search for a look-a-like in the thrift store tomorrow. By the way, I can't believe already almost December, time flies! It's almost Sinterklaas,  Christmas and New Year. I like December! (except for the ice and snow on the road)
Have a lovely week-end! 


Rusty Orange

cardigan; Monki / blouse; H&M / jeans; Bershka / boots; Invito
pictures made by Eva
Here's my outfit from yesterday. As you see it was really misty when we made these pictures and it was very difficult to make a good picture. Eva and I had to stand really really still or else the pictures would get blurry. Luckily a couple of good pictures came out! But no details, my camera wasn't able to make a proper picture. Well next time will be better, because there's no mist anymore. I got some grades from my exams back today. A 6.7 for sociology (maatschappijleer, I can't find a better translation) and a 6 for economics. So I'm quite happy, they're not too bad. And last but not least, Eva and I are going to a thrift store, I really like those shops. You can get so much for so little money. I hope I find some nice things and then I'll show it to you. (:


A Dark Autumn Day

scarf; Hema / jacket and dress; H&M / socks; my dad / boots; Invito / bracelets; gifted and from a market in Spain
pictures made by the lovely Eva
Here's my look of today! I bought this dress in Amsterdam a month ago and I've been wearing a lot. I think that's because when I wake up in the morning and I don't know what to wear (which happens very often), I just put this dress on and I'm done! Super easy. We made these pictures today, in a park near my house. But it got dark sooner than we thought, but we still wanted to make some pictures. That's why they're made with a flash, except for the first one. Most of the time I don't like pictures made with flash, but I think these turned out pretty well. Thanks Eva (: Oh and last, but not least; my exams are over!!!! I'm so happy! Today I had my last exam; math. Luckily it wasn't very difficult. Now I have to wait for my grades, I hope they're good...
Hope you have a lovely evening!


Feeling Free

pictures made by Merel van den Enden
Hi! Here are the pictures of the photo shoot with Merel and Fleur! I really like how they turned out, what do you think? Today was kind of the last day of my exams, I have math Monday but I'm not worrying about that. So now I can relax! I'm sooooo happy and I feel free! I hope my grades are good, I will hear that next week. Can't wait! 
Bye bye!


Studying, studying, studying..

picture from weheartit.com
Next week I have my exams, so right now the only thing I'm doing studying, studying, studying. (Except for this particular moment, I needed a break!) But that's why I won't be uploading anything for a while, just so you now (: If you also have exams, good luck! And if you don't, enjoy your free time! (:
Lots of love,



blouse; H&M / shorts; Episode / boots; Invito / bracelet; de Oorbel
I'm ill today ): I hate being ill, but I did get to sleep a bit longer than I normally would. So that's nice. Anyway, here's my outfit from a couple days ago. I bought these shorts is Amsterdam at Episode and I love it. Because I don't really have brown clothes, I combined my brown shorts with black. I think it looks nice, what do you think?