H&M jacket, blouse and flats / g-star jeans (old)
Here are the last pictures that we made Tuesday, made by the lovely Fleur.
My outfit is really simple, but I like it.
Oh and did you watch the soccer game yesterday?
I did and I thought I would see Afellay play (the dutch player who now plays for FC Barcelona)
But he showed up one minute before the game was over..
Anyway, Barcelona won (:
See you later!



shirt, necklace and shoes from Fleur / zara pants
Woohoo! It´s finally Friday.
My favorite part of the week is the weekend (:
But here's another part of the pictures we made tuesday.
On this outfit I was wearing more clothes from Fleur then my own hihi.
What do you think of the combination?


Sous Le Vent..

blouse borrowed from Fleur / H&M sunnies, sandals and belt / shorts borrowed from Leonie  
Hello sunshine
I just came back from singing lessons, my throat hurts a bit now.
But I don't want to stop singing (I'm still singing while typing this)
I just love to sing and of course I need to practice!
And by the way, these pictures were made by my lovely friend Fleur.
We made them in a park and it was so much fun (:
There still are lots of pictures to come, so stay tuned!


Sneak Peek

Hello dear readers!
Today Fleur, Leonie and I did a photo shoot (:
We all brought three outfits with us and shot pictures at the park.
We used Fleur's camera and the results are amazing!
That's why the pictures above are so sharp and nice.
But this is just a little sneak peek, 'cause we made over 300 pictures haha.
So stay tuned and check Fleur's and Leonie's blog for their lovely pictures!


Dancing My Feet Off

h&m blouse, shorts and flats / oorbel bracelet / ? tights and top
These pictures are made by my lovely friend Fleur, she has a great style so check out her blog!
Today my friends and I made a little movie for school.
It had to be about dance and since one of my friends is almost a professional ballet dancer, our subject became ballet.
So she tried to teach us (two girls with no experience whatsoever) some ballet.
And I can tell you, ballet is so hard!
You have to be extremely flexible and practice a lot.
Every time I tried to make a ballet move, I looked anything but elegant haha.
But we had a lot of fun and maybe I can post the video when it's ready..


Flowers All Over

river island jacket / h&m top, sandals, belt and ring / g-star jeans
Summer is coming, I feel it!
My mom and I had a lot of fun shooting these pictures.
We were at my grandma's house and making some plans for her 80th birthday.
Can't believe she's already becoming 80, next to my 15 years it's a lot!
But what do you think of my floral jacket?


Looking Lovely

pictures; http://www.contactmusic.com
I love this look from Pixie Lott!
I'm sorry I haven't posted were I told about in the last post, but I've been so busy lately.
This weekend I had to learn for my exam, but I'm afraid it won't be a high grade..
But anyway I'll post soon a new outfit post, so stay tuned (:
And you can follow me on Bloglovin' now!
And last but not least; a lovely girl asked me for a little (dutch) interview, you can read it here!
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Flower Power

 pictures: weheartit.com
A lot of people get inspiration from watching other people, I get it from pictures and drawings.
I found these images last week and I love them.
They give me a seventies / flower power vibe.
I'll show you soon the look that I based on them (:
Have a lovely Saturday!



Birds flying high, you know how I feel..
Sun in the sky, you know how I feel.
Breeze driftin' on by, you know how I feel..
And I'm feelin' good
Only six weeks of school and summer vacation begins! 
And I just found out I've got a 6.7 for my history test and believe me that's a miracle!
I bought some new sunnies last week and since the sun started to shine, I'll be wearing them a lot.


Again and again

h&m jacket / we top / self made pants / birkenstock slippers / i don't know where bracelet
Here's what I wore Saturday, my self made pants again and the denim jacket again (:
Now I'm off to learn English and French, vacation is over..
See you later!


Sand, sea and sunshine

What a lovely day, as I told before me and my friends went to the beach.
It didn't go smoothly (I missed train because I forgot a bag)
And all the other train to the beach were canceled, but after two hours we finally arrived at the beach!
So after all, it still became a lovely, lovely day (:
School starts again tomorrow, goodbye free days!
Oh and by the way, I'm wearing my new sunnies from h&m and I looove them.
Have a nice day!


Right There

Me like this song!
Today me and my friends went to the beach and we had a lot of fun.
It was so hot!
But the sea was freezing cold, so we couldn't swim ):
I'll post some pictures of what I was wearing soon.
Lots of love,


The Pink Pants

h&m jacket / we top / zara pants / invito shoes / oorbel bracelet
Not the Pink Panther, the Pink Pants (:
They're even more pink than the pictures show,  I think they're amazing.
I've been listening Glee songs all day long, I'm a true Gleek hihi.
With love,



 river island flower jacket / h&m denim gilet and top / h&m conscious collection shorts 
As I told before, today I've been in Amsterdam.
And I found some very lovely things (:
I've been looking for this denim gilet for over a year now and I'm so glad I finally found it!
And by the way, my little cousin has also started a blog and I (and she off course) would love if you would take a look; click here (:
Tomorrow I'm going to Walibi, I'm scared already for all those roller coasters..
And thank you so much for all your sweet comments, I really appreciate them.