Feeling Dreamy..

Just some beautiful pictures from weheartit.com, 
by the way this is my account; xEve



cardigan; we / shirt; zara / necklace; v&d / bracelet; de oorbel
Hello there (: Here are just some pictures from what I wore today, I just wore it with some jeans. By the way, this my hundredth post, wow! Time flies haha. And about my French test, I really have no idea if I did a good job. I really really hope I did, I always get so nervous when I have a French test. I'm keeping my fingers crossed..


Hello Autumn!

 blazer: H&M / top: Only / jeans: Bershka / shoes and bag: Invito / jewelry: no idea..
Hello (: It's been a while since I posted, but I had to focus on school. I hoped the first weeks wouldn't get really difficult, but unfortunately it's quite hard. But that's why there haven't been any post. This is what I wore today, simple but I like it. I bought this white blazer in Bilbao (Spain) for only 20 euros (: And by the way, if  you wonder what I did with my hair click here. Well that's it for today, now I'm off to study French because I have a test tomorrow. Wish me luck..


Roses Are Pink..

The girls in the pictures are the lovely Eva and Leonie
Roses are pink, the sky is blue.
My friends are great and so are you! 
New version of roses are red , hihi. Right now I'm sooooo nervous. Tonight I'm going to sing at my cousin's birthday party, but I don't know if I dare. I've been doing some relax exercises that I found on the internet, it kind of works (: Do you have any tips to relax? Anyway, here are some pictures I'm made lately. I really love my camera, it makes really bright and sharp pictures. Best buy ever! (: 


Keeping It Simple

headband, shirt, belt and sandals; H&M / jeans; Bershka / bracelet; gifted
pictures by Eva 
Hello hello! This was my outfit from a couple days ago, when the sun was still shining. Now it's raining all the time.. ): Anyway, I'm a bit nervous. Because tomorrow I'm going to perform a song at my cousin's birthday party. She turns sixteen, so it's going to be a sweet sixteen party. She wanted some guests that wanted to perform on her birthday. And since I've been having singing lessons for a while now and she really wanted me to perform, I'm going to sing at her birthday. With a friend luckily and we're going to sing Valerie by Amy Winehouse. Even tough I'm a bit nervous, I'm also really exited. I love singing on stage. I will let you how it went soon! 
Enjoy your weekend!


Last Days Of Summer

jacket; H&M / white tee; edc / cut off shorts; geisha / shoes; all stars 
picture made by Eva
After a long, long time here's a outfit post again (: These pictures were made yesterday and the sun was shining! Wich is kind of a miracle since the sun hasn't been shining for weeks. And even though the weather in fall is mostly bad, I'm still looking forward to it. 1. Because my birthday is the 9th of October, 2. Because I can start wearing my cardigans and tights and scarfs again. But for now I'm just going to enjoy these last summer days. Hope you have a lovely, sunny day!