Pretty Pastels.

pictures made by Eva
everything H&M / etos bracelets 
My outfit from a week ago, I'm so in love with the shorts..


Military Jacket

H&M jacket, belt and flats / vintage dress / etos white bracelet / oorbel silver bracelet
Hello (:
As I told before, I'm in Spain while you're reading this!
This was my outfit a couple days before I went to Spain, made by the lovely Eva
See you later,



picture from rapchannel
Beyoncé's newest album 4 came out on 24 juni (in the Netherlands) and I'm in love with it.
It sounds different from all the other songs she made and I have to say I had to listen to it a couple times before I liked it.
But now I love it, you should really listen to it (:
Anyway, I'll see you later.


Vamos a la playa

pictures from weheartit.com
I'm going to Spain!
I'll be there a while and if I don't find a computer I won't upload anything, I'm sorry..
But I've made some posts that will be automatically posted, so there will be some posts.
Today I'm going be in the car, all day long..
But anyway, I hope you have a wonderful vacation with lots sunshine and ice cream.


La vie en rose

I got these lovely bracelets at Etos, they're so cute (:
Today is the last day I'm home, tomorrow I'm going to Spain woohoo!
Are you going on a vacation this summer?



H&M blouse, skirt, sandals and sunnies / we top / gifted bracelet 
These pictures were made by the lovely Eva.
She came over today and we had a lot of fun.
I never knew webcam could be so cool, hihi.


Pizza Time!

This weekend my friends and I made a delicious pizza.
And I just wanted to share the recipe, because it´s super simple.
You will need 175 grams of self-rising flour, 30 grams of butter, 12 cl of milk and a little bit salt.
Just mix it and there´s your pizza, now add some tomato sauce, cheese and pizza herbs and you´re done!
Put the pizza in the oven for 13 minutes (250 C) and bon appetit.
And by the way, my friends also have a blog.
Check it out here: Leonie's blog and Eva's blog 


Hello July!

second hand jumper / H&M tregging / alysa mode shoes / gifted bracelets
Can't believe July has already arrived.
The weather here in Holland changes by the day, one day it's super hot, the other it's raining.
Anyway, have a nice day!