Put Some New Shoes On

(Zara jumper, H&M blouse, Coolcat legging, River Island shoes, my mom's bracelet)
Only one day to go and then it's 2012! Today I'm packing because tomorrow I'm going to Switzerland. I'm going to celebrate New Year there and I'm going skiing. Last Tuesday I've been to Amsterdam and I've bought some very nice things like these black shoes. They're from River Island and they were on sale. And because the sale started this Tuesday, it's was extremely crowded. I don't think I have ever seen so many people in River Island. But even though it was crowded, I've found these shoes and two pants. One with flowers and one with a tribal print. I hope I'm able to show them to you soon. For now, I hope you all enjoy the last days of 2011 and I'll see you next year!


Merry Christmas!

I wish you all very merry Christmas!
And I hope to post a couple more outfits before 2012 starts (:
Lots of love!


Icy Roads

shirt/dress: from my mom / belt; thrift store / tights; Hema / boots; Invito / beanie; ? / bracelet; de Oorbel
Hello! here my outfit from yesterday, when it suddenly started to snow.Then the snow turned to ice this night and when I had to bike to school, the road was slippery. But I was only 1 minute too late at school, but then I had to wait 15 minutes to get my 'too late' note before I could go to my class. Pfff, stupid school.  Sorry for the negativity (; Only a couple days to go and then vacation starts! 
Lots of love,


Happy Foolish Young

cardigan; H&M / shirt; Zara / shorts; my dad's jeans that I cut off / scarf as belt; ? / shoes; Invito / bag and bracelet; thrift store 
Hello there (: While I'm writing this right now, it's really dark outside. Even tough it's only 12.49 and it's also raining. Bad, bad weather. These pictures were made yesterday and I also wanted to post them yesterday. But my computer didn't show the pictures, the files were wrong or something. Luckily my dad could turn them into a different kind of files and that's the reason there's a word over the pictures. A couple days ago, I made my own tumblr! If you want to take a look; it's happyfoolishyoung.tumblr.com. Do you also have tumblr? If you do, could you tell what the URL is? I'm still figuring out how everything works and I'm curios what your tumblr looks like!
Have a lovely sunday!


Cold, Cold Weather

coat; V&D / jumper; thrift store / jeans; Bershka / shoes; Converse / hat; ?
Hello there (: Here's my outfit from a couple of days ago. I couldn't make pictures until today, because when I come home after school, around 4 pm, it's already too dark to make pictures. A bit annoying ): But anyway, does any of you know if GFC is going to disappear? Because I've been reading that on a couple of blogs and also on nu.nl. I hope it's not true, but if it is: you can also follow me on Bloglovin'. 
Have a lovely Sunday!


Picture Diary

Hi! Here are some pictures of the last weeks. Can't believe it's already December! Tomorrow I'm going to my school's gala. I'm just going to wear the same black dress that I wore last year, I don't want to spend money on something I will only wear once. But I will wear a different waistband around it, so it will look a little bit different (: About the pictures;
1. How I look when I'm outside, warmed by my lovely scarf and beanie. It's so cold! Now I prefer wear layered tight, so my legs won't get cold. I feel like two tight are warmer then a jeans, so I've been wearing a lot of skirts and dresses lately.
2. Me and my friend Eva dressed up like zwarte piet. We went to the family were I babysit and surprised the children. They were a bit scared, but I think they liked it (:
3. A Christmas song! I'm singing in a pop choir and we're going to perform next week. Two times, Tuesday we're going to sing Christmas songs and Thursday we're going to sing Candyman and Pokerface. 
4. Pretty Christmas lights. Christmas is really coming, my whole school and home town are already decorated. It looks so pretty with all those little lights, it gives me a Christmas 'spirit'!
Lots of love,


Lieve Sinterklaas..

jacket; thrift store / dress; H&M / tights; Pieces / boots; Invito
Hi! It took some time, but here I am again (: These pictures were made yesterday when I was wearing my jacket from the thrift store. I really like it, but I do have to roll up my sleeves or add a belt to make it fresh and nonchalant. Today it's Sinterklaas, a dutch tradition / festival. I celebrated it with my parents, little brother and my grandma and it was fun. We always make poems for each other, which can be very funny. I also played zwarte piet, saturday and today. I'll show you some pictures of how I looked tomorrow, I don't know if you'll recognize me. I look so different with black paint on my face! Hope you all have a happy Sinterklaas or if your not Dutch; a happy monday!