Lieve Sinterklaas..

jacket; thrift store / dress; H&M / tights; Pieces / boots; Invito
Hi! It took some time, but here I am again (: These pictures were made yesterday when I was wearing my jacket from the thrift store. I really like it, but I do have to roll up my sleeves or add a belt to make it fresh and nonchalant. Today it's Sinterklaas, a dutch tradition / festival. I celebrated it with my parents, little brother and my grandma and it was fun. We always make poems for each other, which can be very funny. I also played zwarte piet, saturday and today. I'll show you some pictures of how I looked tomorrow, I don't know if you'll recognize me. I look so different with black paint on my face! Hope you all have a happy Sinterklaas or if your not Dutch; a happy monday!


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