Happy Foolish Young

cardigan; H&M / shirt; Zara / shorts; my dad's jeans that I cut off / scarf as belt; ? / shoes; Invito / bag and bracelet; thrift store 
Hello there (: While I'm writing this right now, it's really dark outside. Even tough it's only 12.49 and it's also raining. Bad, bad weather. These pictures were made yesterday and I also wanted to post them yesterday. But my computer didn't show the pictures, the files were wrong or something. Luckily my dad could turn them into a different kind of files and that's the reason there's a word over the pictures. A couple days ago, I made my own tumblr! If you want to take a look; it's happyfoolishyoung.tumblr.com. Do you also have tumblr? If you do, could you tell what the URL is? I'm still figuring out how everything works and I'm curios what your tumblr looks like!
Have a lovely sunday!


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