Picture Diary

Hi! Here are some pictures of the last weeks. Can't believe it's already December! Tomorrow I'm going to my school's gala. I'm just going to wear the same black dress that I wore last year, I don't want to spend money on something I will only wear once. But I will wear a different waistband around it, so it will look a little bit different (: About the pictures;
1. How I look when I'm outside, warmed by my lovely scarf and beanie. It's so cold! Now I prefer wear layered tight, so my legs won't get cold. I feel like two tight are warmer then a jeans, so I've been wearing a lot of skirts and dresses lately.
2. Me and my friend Eva dressed up like zwarte piet. We went to the family were I babysit and surprised the children. They were a bit scared, but I think they liked it (:
3. A Christmas song! I'm singing in a pop choir and we're going to perform next week. Two times, Tuesday we're going to sing Christmas songs and Thursday we're going to sing Candyman and Pokerface. 
4. Pretty Christmas lights. Christmas is really coming, my whole school and home town are already decorated. It looks so pretty with all those little lights, it gives me a Christmas 'spirit'!
Lots of love,

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