H&M sunnies and headband 
Finally, it's summer time!
But when it's hot in Holland, it's also muggy so that's not good.
Anyway I've been wearing these accessories a lot this week.
Tomorrow is the official last day of school!
Can't believe this year is already over..
Have a lovely evening!


Sunny Sunday

monki jumper / h&m shorts and flats / claires sunnies / gifted bracelet / old headband
Yeah! The sun is shining!
It has been raining for days, so a little sun is great.
My vacation has started, but it feels kind of weird.
I mean there's no homework anymore, no tests, no boring lessons.
But I'm not complaining, I'm really happy about it!
Enjoy your sunday, I hope it's a sunny one.


Dear Rain..

vintage jumper, skirt and bag / gifted bracelets / invito shoes
It has been raining for days now..
It's supposed to be summer in two days, but there's no sun at all.
Dear rain, could you give me a break?


No Going Back

 H&M jacket and shirt / bershka jeans / alysa mode shoes / gifted bracelet
Here I am again!
It has been a while since I posted something, I'm sorry ):
Last week I've been studying for some exams and making a huge task.
But now all my lessons are over!
I only have some little projects at school.
Now I'm hoping that the sun will soon start to shine, 'cause it has been raining the whole week.
Today I've been to Codarts in Rotterdam to see my lovely friend Denise dance.
It was amazing to see how good all the students are!
Wish I could dance like that..
This afternoon I've just been listening to some music and I can't get this song out of my head
Have a lovely Saturday!


Color Me Happy

 nail polishes from catrice
Today I did a little shopping and this is what I bought.
I'm in love with the nail polishes, I had to have them.
The background is a sweater, I'll show it soon in a outfit post (:



pictures from wehearit.com
Can't wait for summer vacation to start.. 


Dress Me Up

dresses from asos 
Only a few weeks of school and we're done!
But right now I'm still busy with all my tests and some other stupid things.
Can't wait to walk in the summer sun with one of these lovely dresses..



 before                                                                                  after                   
My hair is light blond!
I really have to get used to it, even tough the color is very different.
Oh and by the way, the third picture is with my lovely friend Denise.
She also dyed her hair, she went from dark brown to mahogany.
What do you think about my 'new' hair?


Dotted Dress

 H&M jacket and sandals / vintage dress / (?) bag / oorbel bracelet
Tomorrow I'm going to dye my hair!
Don't worry, it's not going to be black hihi.
I just wanted something a bit different, so I bought some light blond dye.
Can't wait!
Have you ever dyed your hair yourself?


Love Come Down..

I'm in love with this song, it's so cute.
I hope we're going to sing it at singing lessons..
Oh and by the way, the music and the video don't have the same speed.
So when Pixie opens her mouth, you'll have to wait till her voice 'comes'.
But I still like it (: