Little Miss Sunshine

 only dress / h&m belt / vintage headband
It's finally vacation! Woohoo (:
This morning I didn't leave my bed until 11 o'clock, then I went with two friends to a lovely terrace.
After we went to our friend Leonie, cause she was selling some stuff at the Queens day market (a tradition in Holland, when everyone dresses up in orange)
This morning I wore an orange dress, but after I preferred this white dress.
Bye bye!


Off to dreamland..

pictures; weheartit.com
I should be studying right now, but I just can't concentrate.
At the moment I'm unconditionally and irrevocably in love with my bed,
I'll be off to dreamland soon tonight.
I hope you have a nice day (:


Happy Easter!

h&m dress / hema top / invito shoes / ring (a gift)
Today I've been swimming, jumping on a trampoline and tanning in the sun.
The weather has been amazing lately, I hope it stays like this till the end of Octobre..
Have a happy Easter!


Nobody's perfect

zara shirt / geisha shorts / claires sunglasses / h&m flats
Summer is making me so happy!
Well, I hope you're enjoying your Easter weekend
And I'm in love with this song 


Who says?

top, bracelet and necklace (i don't know where) / h&m skirt and flats 
Who says you’re not pretty
Who says you’re not beautiful
Who says?
- Selena Gomez
This song has been stuck in my head all day long..

Rainbow braid

Isn't that amazing!?
I just love it (:


Do, re, mi..

h&m jacket and shirt / bershka jeans / vintage necklace / converse all stars
Todya I fell in love with the song Riverside, I think it's beautiful.
And by the way as I told before (here), me and two friends wanted to take singing lessons.
Next week it's really going to happen! (:
I'm so excited, do any of you have singing lessons and if so, what's it like?


Hakuna matata

Had a lovely sunday, with lots and lots of sun (:
I hope you enjoy your free sunday and hakuna matata!


Konnichi wa!

I love these kimonos!
They're from Zara, but they cost 80 euros!
A bit to expensive I think ):
Maybe I could make one myself..
And by the way konnichi wa means hello (:
Enjoy your Friday!


Blogger Contest 2011

h&m blouse / geisha shorts / pieces tights / alysa mode shoes / new look ring
Hi! I'm participating on a contest of (dutch) bloggers called: Blogger Contest 2011.
It's hosted by Urban Stiletto and the prices are amazing.
The contest began on 27 march and stops on 16 april.
But I heard about it two days ago, really smart I know (:
But you can still vote, so please please please vote for me.
You can vote here, I hope you do.
Anyway, my lovely friend Andrea, who lives next door, made these pictures this weekend.
I forgot to post them, so I'm posting them now (:
See you soon and please vote!


High waisted jeans

 h&m shirt and jeans
Today I wore my high waisted jeans, right now there still long but I think I going to cut them.
I still need some shorts for summer and I think I would wear this jeans more when it's short..
But anyway, I went to my grandma today.
She's really sweet, but a bit deaf hihi.
The weekend is already over ):
Well in two weeks begins my vacation, can't wait!


A summer day

cardigan (i don't from where) / only top / geisha cut of shorts / converse shoes / diy necklace
The weather today was so lovely, it was like a summer day (:
So I wore some short today.
And I know my legs are still pale white, but I hope that will change this month.
Tonight me and my friend went to a pizzeria and it was great.
We had a lot of fun, we also made some pictures so maybe I'll post them later..


Green jumper

 vintage jumper / new look necklace / bershka jeans / converse shoes / hema nail polish
Today was a relaxed day, only four hours of school (:
And yesterday I found out that I received a Stylish Blogger Award from Leonie!
Now I have to tell some facts about myself, because that's what you have to do when someone gives you this price, so:
- I love sleeping, I really do hihi.
- I have over thirty colors of nail polish.
- I love, love, love Pixie Lott
- My husband to be is Bruno Mars, but he doesn't know it yet..
- I'm listening Beautiful People from Chris Brown right now
- My favorite movie is 500 days of Summer, I think Joseph Gordon Levitt is so cute (:
- I'm a Gleek
I don't know what more I can tell so this is it.
And I'm going to give the Stylish Blogger Award to..
Because I think she really deserves it and she always looks wonderful, so please take a look at her blog (:
I'm going to watch Glee now, bye!


Talking to the moon

After all the windy and cloudy weather, yesterday the sun suddenly started to shine!
I've been outside all day long and I've been to a second hand store, I'll show you soon what I bought.
But anyway I found this amazing cover of Talking to the moon by Maria Zouroudis.
Please listen to it, it's beautiful!