Gloomy Sunday

blouse; H&M / shorts; Pepe Jeans / boots; Invito / necklace; V&D / bracelet; Oorbel
Learning, learning, learning, more learning. That's what I've been doing lately. Aaaargh. But I really want to get good grades, so I just keep myself going. But I did made some time to make and post pictures of my outfit. These are not the best pictures, I don´t know why the last pictures isn´t clear. I think it has to do with the lighting (it's might be a bit to dark) Anyway, I love the combination of the blouse and the necklace, what do you think? 


Little Grey Bear

jacket; H&M / shirt; Monki / necklace; New Look / beanie; made by my aunt / red lipstick; Hema (number 65)
pictures made by Eva
Hi! What do you think of my beanie? Isn't it cute (: My sweet aunt made it for and I love it! And next to that, it's also warm for the winter. Which is great, because I think this winter will be just as cold as those from the past years. Unfortunately.. I do like snow and stuff, but I don't dare to ride my bike to school when there's snow. I'm always afraid I slip and fall. But now it's fall, so I shouldn't be worrying right now.. Anyway I'm sooo happy it's Friday! I'm really tired, I'm just going to watch The Voice of Holland tonight and then go to bed. I hope I'll be fresh tomorrow morning, because I need to learn for my exams. Yuppie! Have a nice weekend! 


New Boots

shoes; Invito
pictures made by Eva
Here are my new shoes! (: I bought them last week in Amsterdam. I'm a bit late, but the weather has been terrible so I couldn't take good pictures. But these boots are about 11 centimeters high, but they're so comfortable I don't even notice. And you never guess who I met in Amsterdam! I met the guys of LMFAO. At first I didn´t recognize them, I thought they were only dressed like them but they´re were the real ones! Ha ha. I also met Jaap, the winner of the Dutch X-Factor. When I see famous people, I always stare at them like I recognize them. But then they, of course, don't know me, so they look at me like 'why are you staring at me?'. I don't think this is a really good explanation, my English isn't that good unfortunately.. I hope you get my point (: Bye bye!


Wandering Through the Fields

picture made by Merel van den Enden
Hi! Yesterday Merel, Fleur and I had a photo shoot. Fleur and I were the models and Merel made the pictures. Here's a picture she already send us, I think it's very pretty. I love the light in the picture. If you want you can see some more pictures of Merel here. We had a lot of fun and I can't wait to see and show the rest of the pictures. Hope you have a lovely Saturday!


Little Birthday Party

Yesterday and today I celebrated my birthday with my friends and we had a lot of fun. We watched a bit of SYTYCD, ate a lot of yummy food and went outside to make these pictures. We also made some outfit pictures for Fleur's blog, I think they turned out really cool. Later that night we wanted to watch a movie, but the dvd player stopped working, really annoying. But anyway, it was fun. I'll post some outfit pictures of what I wore soon. And about the shoes voucher I told you about, we went to the store and they only had stupid shoes.. I was really disappointed, but luckily my mom did find some nice shoes for herself. So now I hope I find some shoes tomorrow in Amsterdam. I also hope that it doesn't rain, because right now it's raining really hard.. Lots of love!


Simple Stripes

blouse and belt; H&M / shirt; from my mom / jeans; Bershka / shoes; Invito / necklace; ? / bag; from my mom / bracelet; intertoys
Hi! Here's the outfit I wore yesterday, this shirt is from my mom and she wore it when she was about the same age as I am now ha ha. Today I'm going to a shoes store, because I won a voucher and now I can pick out some shoes worth 100 euros! I was shocked when I heard I won and of course I was really happy (: I'll show you soon what I bought. And I also want to thank Sanne because she gave me the ''tell me about yourself'' blogaward, I feel very honored (: If you want you can find 7 things about me here. And last but not least I found some beautiful songs that I want to share: Skinny Love and 4AM, what do you think? Bye!


Birthday Presents..

Hi! Here are my birthday presents. I'm sorry it took so long, but I was super busy with school stuff. As you see, I got a Vogue calendar, the Elle Stijl Bijbel and a book called Style Yourself (which is written by bloggers, very inspirational!). I also got a pretty dark green nail polish, a cute Blond cup (from my little brother ha ha) and the Heat perfume by Beyoncé (smells soooo nice!) And last but not least: a new lens for my camera. With my other lens I couldn't take pictures from a small distance, but this new one can so I'm really happy. This week I'm going to celebrate my birthday again with some friends, I'm really exited (: For now I'm just going to study economics, bye!


It´s Friday!

blouse; Pepe Jeans / dress; Only / belt and bag; H&M / shoes; Invito
pictures made by Eva 
Hi! Here's my outfit of the day. Today my vacation started, woohoo! Unfortunately I have to study a lot this week, because my school exams are coming up. By the way, that French test I was talking about earlier: I got a 6.3! (that's really high for me when it comes to French hi hi) Now I'm going down stairs, because there are pancakes waiting for me! Yummie (: Hope you have a nice Friday!  


Birthday Girl

jacket and dress; H&M / tights; hema / shoes; invito
pictures made by Eva 
Today's my 16th birthday! Yeeeeeeeeaah! Unfortunately it has been raining a lot, but luckily we could make these pictures. Hope you have a lovely day!