Princess dress

jacket and dress - h&m / shoes - converse  

I'm in love with this dress (:
It's really long and that makes me feel like a princess, hi hi.
Oh, the white 'things' you can see on the pictures is snow.
It suddenly started to snow, the dutch weather is really weird sometimes..

Lots of love,


Did some shopping..

Hi, yesterday I went to The Hague with two friends of mine.
We had a lot of fun, until we went into the Invito (a shoe store)
Just before we wanted to leave, my friend couldn't find her bag..
Guess what happened.. Someone stole her bag with her keys and wallet in it!
The only thing we could do, was go to the police office.
None of us had ever been there before, so we had no idea what to expect.
In the end it took us more than an hour. Just before we went, a lady walked into the police office WITH my friend's bag! She found it next to her bike.
Luckily, my friend didn't have cash in her bag, except for one euro and that's the only thing the thief stole..
We were sooooo happy. But here's my tip to you: Never, ever leave your bag out of sight!
After this we went on shopping and this is what I bought:
 dresses - h&m / shirt - zara

Lots of love,


We are young

I'm in love with this song right now!

Lazy sunday

jacket - h&m / blouse - pepe jeans / socks - zeeman / heels - sem  

Hi, here's todays outfit.
Today I'm not going anywhere, just enjoying my vacation (:
Tuesday me and my friends are going to shop in Den Haag (The Hague)
And thursday some friends are staying over for the night.
Except for that, I'm not going to do something special, but I kind of like it (:

With love,


Blue sneakers

Hi, one day to go till my vacation starts.
I can't wait, seriously I almost fell asleep at school..
Today I wore a blue blouse, a jeans and blue sneakers.
I'd almost forgot I even had these shoes..
I bought them 2 years ago, but I still like them (:
I wasn't able to make a proper picture of my total outfit.
(It's quite hard to make a picture of yourself you know!)
So I'll post that tomorrow (:
(sneakers - reebok) 
Lots of love,



Angie, Angie, when will those clouds all disappear.
Angie, Angie, where will it lead us from here.
With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats.
You can't say we're satisfied.
But Angie, Angie, you can't say we never tried

- Angie from the Rolling Stones
(jacket - h&m / shirt - h&m boys / shorts - geisha / tights - ?)


Lots of rain

Hi, this morning I couldn't sleep late
Because I went to an open day of my friend's school, a dance school!
But on the way to the train station it rained extremely hard,
So when I finally sat in the train I was soaked and my mascara was everywhere except on my eyes.
Then I realized I sat in the wrong train, grrrrr.
But even though almost everything went wrong, it was so much fun.
I was really surprised about my friend's dancing, she was really good.
I don't have pictures unfortunately, sorry ):
btw. here's an another outfit, the scarf is almost fifty years old; it's my grandma's (;

(jacket & blouse - h&m / scarf - my grandma / jeans - nudie jeans / heels - ?)

With love,



Hi, today I wore my favorite skirt.
But it's not very handy, because the zipper in the middle goes down when I drive my bike.
I found that while I was driving to school, oops!
Luckily I wore long coat, so people couldn't see it.
Since then I've never worn the skirt to school, but now my mom sewed a little clip in it so it doesn't go down.
Thanks mom! (:

With love,


You're just not my type.

Hi, as promised I will post the test (:
Hope it will help you.
Just do this test and you'll find out.
(this is a dutch test, couldn't find a English one but you can translate it with google) 
And you can find your colors bellow.



Here are some examples of celebrities;
Emma Watson                              Blake Lively                              Julia Roberts                             Freida Pinto
Spring                                        Summer                                        Autumn                                        Winter

I hope this helped you,
But remember they're just guidelines.
And maybe you're a combination of two types.
What's your type? 

Lots of love,


Pastels & grey

Hi, I always thought pastels and grey didn't look good on me,
But some weeks ago I realized they did.
I read an article about your color 'type'
And I found out I'm a summer type,
which means every color with a blue undertone look good against my skin and hear.
Tomorrow I'll post a test so you can find out what your type is (:

 (vest - somewhere in france / blouse - pepe jeans / jeans - berska / shoes invito)
Lots of love,


Moment 4 life

Hello, here's the new video of Nicki Minaj ft. Drake,
I think her outfits are amazing!
Well, except for the fact you can see her bra all the time..
Since I uploaded her cd Pink Friday to my Ipod I love her.
What do you think, do you like the video?