Did some shopping..

Hi, yesterday I went to The Hague with two friends of mine.
We had a lot of fun, until we went into the Invito (a shoe store)
Just before we wanted to leave, my friend couldn't find her bag..
Guess what happened.. Someone stole her bag with her keys and wallet in it!
The only thing we could do, was go to the police office.
None of us had ever been there before, so we had no idea what to expect.
In the end it took us more than an hour. Just before we went, a lady walked into the police office WITH my friend's bag! She found it next to her bike.
Luckily, my friend didn't have cash in her bag, except for one euro and that's the only thing the thief stole..
We were sooooo happy. But here's my tip to you: Never, ever leave your bag out of sight!
After this we went on shopping and this is what I bought:
 dresses - h&m / shirt - zara

Lots of love,


  1. Van wie was haar tas gestolen? Ö
    Dat lijkt me echt zo erg hè, als je dat overkomt. En best wel zielig van die dief dat ie ook echt die ene euro die erin zit steelt!

  2. Oeh dat middeltjes jurkje ziet er leuk uit! Gauw een aanfoto zou ik zeggen :D x


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