My Finds

Here are things I found in the thrift store yesterday. I went with my mom, her friend and my friend Eva. Me and Eva were supposed to find some pink clothes and clothes with glitters, because we going to perform a song very soon. We're in a pop choir and were going to sing Candyman (needs pink outfits) and Pokerface (needs glitters). But we couldn't find a nice pink / glitter thing, but I have do have some pink and glitter clothes so it will be all right. I did by a blue knitted jumper, a striped blouse and a blazer. And also some accessories, a beautiful bracelet and a brown bag. I also bought some old fashion magazines and two gifts for Sinterklaas. I'll show you soon how these things look when I'm wearing them. So stay tuned (: 
Lots of love,


  1. The fabrics on the first picture look great! I want to see more. And I'm totally in love with the little bag.


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