Keeping It Simple

headband, shirt, belt and sandals; H&M / jeans; Bershka / bracelet; gifted
pictures by Eva 
Hello hello! This was my outfit from a couple days ago, when the sun was still shining. Now it's raining all the time.. ): Anyway, I'm a bit nervous. Because tomorrow I'm going to perform a song at my cousin's birthday party. She turns sixteen, so it's going to be a sweet sixteen party. She wanted some guests that wanted to perform on her birthday. And since I've been having singing lessons for a while now and she really wanted me to perform, I'm going to sing at her birthday. With a friend luckily and we're going to sing Valerie by Amy Winehouse. Even tough I'm a bit nervous, I'm also really exited. I love singing on stage. I will let you how it went soon! 
Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. oeh leuke blouse!
    dat armbandje heb ik ook hihi (:



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