On the wall

Hi, at school we got the task to paint the wall.
And it to be related to music or culture, since those subjects are given in this class room.
Me and my friend Fleur decided to paint Micheal Jackson on the wall.
After he died last I rediscovered his music and to be honest I've become a fan.
I especially love his album Off the Wall, the songs on that album are just so happy.
Even though his life wasn't happy at all.
But on Youtube there's now a new song Hollywood Tonight, but I just don't get how he can make a new song while he's dead..
But anyway, what do you think of our painting?
I'll show you the whole wall again when everything is finished (:


  1. Wauw jeetje, echt heel mooi gemaakt! Het lijkt me echt moeilijk om een gezicht goed na te verven, maar hij lijkt er echt op!

    Ik werd ook pas echt 'fan' nadat hij was overleden, maar daarvoor luisterde ik z'n muziek al. (:

  2. wauw, het wordt echt mooi! ben benieuwd naar het eindresultaat! :D

  3. Just wow, that need great talent!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.


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