New York, I love you!

pictures by my mom and me
1. American flag on Times Square
2. Beautiful houses in Soho
3. Dressed up girls who celebrated the opening of a new Sephora. I didn't go there, but I did get a Hello Kitty perfume (:
4. Skyline of NY. Unfortunatly it was very cloudy, but the view was still amazing.
5. American lunch and our guide. We walked some walks from 100% New York, you know those books?
6. A huge M&M on Times Square. The was also a M&M store with 3 floors full of M&M. They had literly everything with M&M's on it and M&M in every color.
I love New York. As you might know, I went to New York last week. And it was amazing! I love the yellow cabs, the skyscrapers and especially Soho. I went with my mom, which was really nice. This was the first time I ever been in a plane, so I was very nervous. But when I was up in the air, I wasn't affraid at all. The weather wasn't amazing, it was most of the time very cloudy. But the day we went to Soho, the sun suddenly started to shine. And I love Soho, it's cosier than the rest of New York. And I also saw the houses like they have in Sex and the City, they're so pretty. I also got addicted to Sex and the City. But yeah, I hope I can keep posting because it's been a very long time since my last post. Next week I do have some exams but after that I have a lot of time to blog and make pictures. So yeah, I hope to see you soon (:

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