I Love Sale!

(Bershka boots)
Hi! Today I'm doing nothing at all, just tumblr-ing and watching Skins. Do you know Skins? It's a bit weird, with all the drugs and stuff. But most of the time the caracters are really interesting and I just love the story line. It's nice (: And here are my new boots, I bought them last week in the sale. I thought they weren't high, but they turned out to be 8 cm. I didn't notice that when I fitted them in the store, but they're really comfortable. And by the way, do you know Ed Sheeran? From the song the A-team. Because I'm listening to his album right now and it's so good! It's different than all the song you'll hear on the radio now. The songs are really beautiful, the lycris is great and Ed has just a very pretty voice. I recommend it (:
Lots of love,


  1. Super mooie laarsjes, en die zijn zo handig te combineren :)

  2. hele leuke laarsjes! :) ik ben nu ook zijn album aan het luisteren en het is inderdaad heel leuk! :) goede tip ;)xxxxx


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