A Cold Winterday

Yesterday my friend Eva and I went ice skating. It was a lot of fun and we made this little video. To be honest, I can't ice skate at all. I haven't done it in 2/3 years and I think I forgot how to. Eva was way better than I, haha. Unfortunately both our skates were a bit too small and it was a bit painful, so we haven't ice skated for long. But we enjoyed it, even though it was freezing cold. Is it freezing where you live? And if so, have you been ice skating?


  1. Leuk gedaan met het filmpje! :) Ik kan ook niet schaatsen hoor haha :p Ik heb je trouwens getagd ( http://dutch-beauty.blogspot.com/2012/02/tag-11-things.html ) xxx

  2. Ik heb nog niet geschaatst! Jammer, want vind het wel leuk:) Maar ben ook niet zo'n talent haha!


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