Cosy and Warm

(jumper from thrift store, WE dress worn as skirt, Hema tights, River Island shoes, H&M bag, necklace I won here, beanie made by my aunt)
It's snowing! It's been so cold this week, but today it isn't so cold anymore even though it's snowing. It's a bit weird! Anyway, because of the cold I could wear this jumper. It's really thick and very comfortable. I love these kind of jumpers. I bought it in a thrift store for about 6 euros, nice right? Now I'm just going to enjoy my weekend, I get so tired of school. It's just so boring.. Tonight I hope to go see a show in which a friend of mine is dancing. But my friend who would go with me got sick today, so I don't know if I should still go. But if not, I'm going to watch The Voice Kids. My aunt's niece is in it, she auditioned and her audition is probably going to be shown on the television. But I don't know if she is going to the live shows, because she wasn't aloud to tell. (She had to sign a contract) If you're going to watch The Voice, you might see her. Her name is Lowieke. 
Have a nice weekend!


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